hire staff from across the world.

camp canada by nyquest directors' fairs.

Introducing the hiring event of the year: the Camp Canada by Nyquest Directors’ Fairs.

Our Directors’ Fairs are your opportunity to meet our participants face-to-face and hire great quality staff on the spot. Our Camp Canada fairs fill up quickly so be sure to register early to guarantee your camp a spot.

For information on our Camp Canada by Nyquest 2021 fairs, book in a call.

registration now closed for the 2020 directors' fairs.

what's included?
  • High quality, pre-screened participants who are adequately prepared for a face-to-face interview with your camp.
  • Fairs are held in iconic cities across the United Kingdom & Ireland, so you'll be looked after by our hospitable Camp Canada by Nyquest staff.
  • Incredible gathering opportunities for Camp Directors.
  • Engagement opportunities with our Canadian & UK based Camp Canada by Nyquest team.

the greatest overseas hiring event of the year.

remember to register early so you don't miss out next year!