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Marc Cooper Award

Summer 2022 Nominees and Submissions

How it worked:

This award was created to recognize staff members who went above and beyond to ignite positivity in the camp environment, and in 2022 we received 22 fantastic nominations.

Each person nominated was given the chance to be officially recognized as a Marc Cooper Award recipient and the chance to win a more extensive prize by sending in a creative submission, such as a video or a poem, to describe why camp was inspiring and/or meaningful to them.

After going through all of the submissions, we are thrilled to share the four winning entries with all of you.

A donation has been made by Camp Canada on behalf of all nominated recipients to Jack.org . A charity nominated by Marc's family which is training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health in every province and territory.

Recognisable Award Submissions

We wanted to recognise some of the other entries we received from those nominated and happy for us to share!

Thank you for embracing the legacy of Marc Cooper.

Mark W

Julia F

Connor M

Daniela E

Andy A

Winning Submissions

Andy Gordon

Andy shared his experiences of camp and the influence Marc had on this journey. Marc was someone who not only influenced Andy's camp experience, but also helped shape his life in more ways that he could have ever imagined.

View Andy's award submission

Winning Submissions

Abby Lever

Abby recorded and produced a cover to the song “Apple Pie” by Lizzy McAlpine. A song which Abby felt perfectly encapsulated her time at camp last summer, how it inspired her, and why Abby found it such a meaningful experience.

View Abby's award submission

Winning Submissions

Another participant nominated by their camp

Writing a poem about her camp experience, this participant described 'this summer was the season of butterflies'.

View this award submission

Winning Submissions

Andy Bell

Andy submitted a heartfelt video speaking about his relationship with Marc and the impact summer camp has had on him.

Watch Andy's video

Nominations for 2024 will open during the summer!