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by camp counsellors. for camp counsellors.

the community success team

personalized support for your international counsellors.
creating the most successful camp community we can.
meet the team

a few ways we nurture and help participants:

engagement everyday

We’re a dedicated team of camp counsellor alumni based in the Toronto office, communicating with participants in preparation for their Canadian Adventure.

We are experts in talking through the realities of camp, sharing our own camp experiences, our camp stories and answering any queries that come our way. Bring it on!

application assistance

We help participants feel confident in their abilities and prep them for your interviews. Sometimes we uncover skills and experience they didn’t even know was a skill at camp.

By spending time analyzing their applications, we try to figure out what improvements can be made before they become live on our portal.

wellbeing check-ins

For some participants, the experience of travelling and working in Canada has the potential to have an effect on our mental or physical wellbeing. Even boarding a plane for the first time can be scary!

We provide a safe and confidential platform for those who need some initial support to prepare them for camp and set them up for success in their roles. This is optional for any counsellor too. We really do care!

before camp

Sometimes, it can be a little nerve-wracking travelling to a new country. We get it, we’ve been there too!

An integral part of our job is preparing camp counsellors at least 3 days before they arrive by giving them information about orientations, accommodation in their host city, their travel to camp plans and more so you don’t have to worry!

building a strong community. setting you up for success. developing people through camp.